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Home of the Creative Industries

Developing into the online Home of the Creative Industries.

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  • From Luxemburg, Luxembourg

Toadsquare's founder, Jane Hrouda, spent a lot of time working with creative people. She watched the struggles they faced getting their work out to their audiences, building their audience and finding other creatives to work with.

The same challenges faced creatives in all industries: writers wanted editors and groups to brain storm with; producers madly rang everyone they knew at 10pm at night trying to find an editor to replace the one who came down with typhoid that day; actors waited by telephones and then worried that the casting call they saw put out by an unknown studio was for nefarious purposes.

Lack of sleep went into so many projects, replaced by: hours dreaming up dialogue; days getting up at 4:30am to see if the day’s dawn light was right for that perfect shot; nights spend strumming until the music and lyrics sounded right in the dead of night.

Once the hard work was done came the challenge: to get the creative work in front of an audience.  All the hard work deserves an audience.  Toadsquare is designed to enable creatives to publish their work and get in front of an audience.